Welcome to the Southwest Adams County Fire Rescue’s webpage. Over the past several years, the district has made many changes to improve the services to the taxpayers of the district. In 1999 we hired our first ever paid firefighters to improve response times and supplement our reserve program. In 2003, we started our ambulance transport services to expedite medical services to those in need. Today the district has 39 employees and many reserves complement our program. We are committed to providing the best possible services to our citizens at the least amount of expenses.

The employees of our department invite you to visit any of our fire stations and let the firefighters show you the equipment and other services we provide. Our goal from day one has been to be a positive force in our community and commit to the slogan the “Proud, Brave and Dedicated.”

George Ditolla, Fire Chief
303-429-3597, ext. 10




The District employs 33 firefighters who work on three different shifts and staff three stations located throughout the district.  A Captain and Lieutenant oversee each shift, named A, B, and C.  The shifts are 24 hours long and are based off a modified Berkeley shift schedule of working every other day for five days and then having four days off.

The type and nature of call warrants the apparatus and personnel response required.  On a typical EMS call, both an ambulance and engine will respond.  This allows for extra help on scene to care of, load, and transport patients to the hospital.

Fire responses vary as well.  A fire alarm response is typically handled by two engines.  A structure fire will see multiple engines, ambulances, and officer responding while a simple weed or car fire would only merit one engine.  This tiered response system uses resources efficiently and ensures that apparatus are available for multiple calls.

In addition to the engine and ambulance, additional department apparatus such as Rescue 11, Truck 11, Attack 11, and a Zodiac inflatable are used for various emergencies.

Mutual aid and automatic aid agreements are established among neighboring fire departments.  Mutual aid allows us to call other departments as needed for additional assistance whereas automatic aid sets up planned responses for certain types of calls.

There are three fully staffed stations:  11, 12, and 14.

All ambulances are staffed by a Paramedic and EMT.  Engines are typically staffed with three to four firefighters, including an officer.  All firefighters are trained as EMTs and have HazMat Ops certification.

With origins as a volunteer fire department, reserve firefighters still play an important part of firefighter operations within the department.  SWAC continues their tradition of volunteerism and these firefighters supplement crews at both Stations 11 and 14.  For more information, click here.

SWAC Fire is dispatched through Adams County Communications (ADCOM).  This center dispatches multiple fire and police departments throughout Adams County but is not a free service.  Fees are shared among the various entities that contract with ADCOM for dispatching services.